BLACK BOX - Unity game for iOS

BLACK BOX - Unity game for iOS

Type right word and complete all levels! Great game for killing time, easy to play and help you train your brain. Take a break from your work and play!

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Project created for iOS (Not android).

More about projects: Games based on Unity engine, and scripts write on C#. Project have good program architecture.

For more info watch video preview!

Features of this game: In-Apps Sharing Levels Different music at game Help button Rewarding

Monetisation in this game: AdMob In-Apps

Requirements: For launch completed game iOS 9.3 or later. For launch project Unity 2018.1.5f1 or later. For launch finally build Xcode 9.4.1 or later.

You can change settings all of game process. For reskin, you just need replace graphic files in game project. It’s really easy. Projects have good documentation and you can contact us for solve your problem!

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