Top 8 HTML5 Games Bundle 01 Capx

Top 8 HTML5 Games Bundle 01 Capx

Golf Answer :

Game based on Gamification concept, Golf Answer is endless fun HTML5 game. You have to decide right option of question appeared on the board with golf fun! You can change game as Question answer game by replacing questions And Options.

Monster Hunt : . Monster Hunt is multilevel game, You have to Find Monster and kill him in time. You can use hint once in each level. Difficulty increases in each level.

Who Will Win: Who Will Win is lot of fun game. Here is race on long bridge of city from one end to another. You have to bet on your lucky and favorite racer.

EnRoute Warriors : EnRoute Warriors are traveling from mountion Avoid abstracts in the path and make high score.

Great Leap : Great leap is fun loving multilevel game. You are traveling form forest & mount. Ans you have to face river, valleys, and other obstacle.

Defense : You are caption of 5 warship and you have to avoid attack form fighter planes by destroying them. to protect your island. Use Ship gun mover at right side to fire missile on fighter planes. every blast of fighter, fighter gun, gain 4 points & loose point at every heating fighter bullet on ship corner, ship will blast when fighter bullet heated on main part of ship. Avoid attack form fighter planes by destroying them and make high score

Clean For Green : Clean For Green is endless fun running HTML 5 game

Emu runner : Emu runner is endless fun running HTML 5 game


All Games Made In Construct 2 Game Engine! Very Easy To Reskining,

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